From a journal entry I wrote to myself:

Hope in God. Put your hope in God. Why so downcast O my soul, put your hope in God. For He is your hope and your redeemer. He is the one who cares for your soul, and who will redeem you out of all evil.

The Lord is good, and those who hope in him, will not be put to shame.

What ways do I need to hope in God that I have not done?

How many ways have I cheated myself out of the joy of God by not putting my hope in God and allowing hope to open the door to the work of God in my soul and to the blessing of God in my life?

Why have I let despair take the place of hope? Why do I let myself fear instead of hope? How much would I see come to pass if I would hope instead of fear?


I would like to be trying to learn (about?) at least 1 new thing each day.

Here are some of the things I’ve been trying to get a handle on:

  1. Flamenco guitar (this will take a while) This seems to be a pretty decent site:

  2. Org-mode for Emacs A planner/information manager mode for the Emacs text editor. It looks like it can also be used for website authoring, so I’m interested in that.

  3. IDO mode for Emacs ("Interactively Do things") basically an enhanced buffer/file navigation mode like iswitch-b mode for Everything


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