The Lord wants to help

The miracles of God can bring deliverance in peoples lives. Being up front with the power of God and getting into people’s lives is the key to bringing the salvation of God to bear on other people’s issues. Presenting the deliverance of God without fear is the key to other people taking hold of the salvation of God and finding His salvation in their own lives for themselves.

The Lord can help with plans to share His deliverance. He is not unwilling to offer guidance. There is nothing He wants more than for people to take hold of the deliverance that is in Christ and to be made right with God. God wants all to come to repentance and is not willing that any should perish. He desires all men to be saved. He wants people to see the salvation of God. He is eager for them to call out to Him.

God is eager to set up situations that would allow his children to proclaim the salvation of God, and to allow his children opportunities to demostrate His power for the benefit of others that He wants to know Him.

God saved a church that could share His praise for the purpose that others could hear His praise and believe and find His deliverance and be brought into His people also.

The Lord is gracious to all, and He wants all to be able to partake of His graciousness. And He is willing to help those who are of His people to go about finding ways to be able to share the goodness of God in other people’s lives. He is interested in helping his people both share his deliverance with those who don’t know Him and with those that do already, but still need his help in greater ways.

I have a Shepherd

Lord, you are beautiful. I love you. Jesus you are the hope of my life. I want my life to be in you. I want your life to be in me. There is nothing else in this world worth giving my life to. Jesus you are worth everything because everything is contained in you. All things were made through you and without you nothing was made that has been made. I love you Jesus, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you so much for making yourself a part of me and giving your Holy Spirit to live in me so that you would be with me. Thank you for all your goodness. Thank you for all your love. Thank you for all that you have given me. Thank you that you have not left me helpless but have made yourself my protector and shepherd. Thank you that I am no longer a sheep without a shepherd, weary and scattered, but I have a strong protector from the enemies and trials of this life. Thank you that you are in all ways good. Thank you that you are a good God and a faithful friend.

Thank you Father for being willing to send your only son Jesus to save me and to set me free from all my bondages, bondages which I brought on myself and made myself subject to. Thank you for breaking me free of bondages, and that you desire me to be free of every bondage. Thank you that you as a father want to see me free. Thank you that it is your heart that your children have good things in our lives. Thank you that it is your desire that we have all the goodness of God in our lives. Thank you that you desire the best for us. Thank you that you are not keeping anything back from us. But you who gave your only son for us, how will you not also with him give us all things. Thank you for all the goodness that is in you, Father. Thank you that you want to make it all available to us.

I love you Lord. You love me more than I love you. You love me so much that I cannot conceive it with my natural mind. Thank you that you make it evident even to my heart that You love me. Thank you that your Spirit testifies of Your love in my life.


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