Pocket Typewriter

I wish that I had a good pocket sized way to transcribe my writing into a form that is viable for putting on the web. I feel like I did have that with my previous phones, but I don’t really now. It’s unfortunate because it makes me feel like writing on paper is therefore probably causing a fair amount of my writing to not make it beyond paper simply because of the extra work involved and therefore my tendency to let it drop.

I think that the iphone has a keyboard that I could type on while looking at something else, even though it is an onscreen keyboard. I feel like my old droid, even though the keyboard was slow, at least it did allow me to type successfully. Of course my Palm Veer was the best, but I no longer have that phone nor any certainty of of having one again. Unfortunately I don’t really know of a great option at this point. I’m not even sure that I know of a good option.


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