Who Cares About Code

There is a statement that code is written for humans primarily and only incidentally for computers. Is this statement true? It is true that computers don’t actually care what computer language you write in – all that the computer sees are ones and zeros that the code gets translated to.

So what this statement is actually saying is that code serves as a communication medium that is friendlier to human understanding than the native ones and zeros that the computer understands.

The question is, how well does most code work for communicating to other humans? Ultimately, the only other humans who are going to care about the form of the code itself are other programmers. Everyone else will only be concerned with whether it does what it is supposed to do with an acceptable experience. The code may impact that experience if it is poorly written, but no actual user is going to care about the clever tricks or elegance of the code. They will only care about the design and performance of the experience. So, code really serves as a description of the interaction that someone will have with a computer. But it is a bit like a playwright that is only really writing for other playwrights to read, and who is only writing the play for one half of the actors to perform while the other actors do improv.

Testing Mobile Posting

Had some problems with the previous post showing up on mobiles. Seeing if another post has the same problem.

Another Test

Here is another test from a slightly different way of posting.


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