How Writing Teaches Me

I realize that I learn what I think by writing. I actually teach myself by writing. That is really the truth of it. I teach myself by writing. I learn things I didn’t know before by writing. I have at least two new opinions today that I didn’t have yesterday because I wrote yesterday. I realized things about God that I hadn’t realized before because I wrote yesterday.

It’s not just that writing makes me think. It’s that it makes me think in ways that I never would have if I didn’t write. Writing causes me to explore directions I would never have the discipline to explore in my meandering daily thoughts. Instead writing leads me to solid insights that can help me and others. With the Lord’s guidance it can lead to understanding that can change peoples lives.

Search Me And Know Me

My God, Heavenly Father, and my Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that You are blessed by Your work in my life. You have taken me out of so much, and have revealed so much that is in my heart that needs to be different. I am glad for Your searching.

"Search me and know me Lord, and see if there be any wicked way in me."

Lord you have done this. And I know you have found much that needs cleansing and repentance and turning from.

O Lord, thank you that You don’t let us stay with ourselves. Thank you that you reveal things to us and convict us. Thank you that you design circumstances to bring out the evil that is in us, so that we have opportunity to repent rather than continuing to hide things in our hearts that are unlike you. There is no one else like you that seeks truth so that mercy may be shown. You are a good God and full of grace.


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