Emacs SSH

Just found an interesting trick with emacs that helps with moving around files when I’m using it via my phone over ssh.

Emacs movement keys use a leading Control character (C-n, C-p, etc), or you can usually use arrow keys. However both are a pain on my phone.

But C-x z is the repeat command in emacs, and after the first C-x z, you can just keep repeating z, and it will keep repeating the previous command.

So now I only have to do one C-p and then C-x z and can keep pressing z to go backwards by line in the file.

Again, mostly useful on my phone, but I use emacs from my phone a fair amount.

Or I could just enable evil mode and use vim style movement keys šŸ™‚


Found out about evil-local-mode which seems like it is designed to do what I want, ie enable/disable vi keybindings on a buffer local basis. I think I’m sold on evil-mode for Emacs now.

Connorize vs Jaynify

Wondering about the linguistic tendencies or unspoken rules / guidelines that govern what is an acceptable way to form an adverb out of a noun. Not sure I’m using the correct terms there.


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