First Post

This is my first attempt at making a static blog using php.

I’m hoping it will work.

Second Post

Here I am trying again. I’m still trying to figure out what would be the best way to deal with what infrastructure I actually need to do a static blog.

I guess there does need to be some way to do individual posts instead of just putting them all on one page.

Third post

I’ve been playing with php and tcl for writing a static site generator. So far I’d guess they are about equal. There are some things I like more about how tcl operates and there are also things I like about the way that PHP works.

Tcl feels more dynamic, the way that I am using it. You basically have a database of entries, that you can interact with, and then when you are ready you can write out the entries.

PHP feels more static. You have files which get parsed and included by the master script. There’s no interacting with the processing while it is occuring.


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