Libs to Checkout

  • Stylus (CSS?)

Node.js Exec Shell Command

var util = require('util');
var exec = require('child_process').exec;
function puts(error, stdout, stderr) { util.puts(stdout); }

exec("ls -la", puts);

Pandora Indian Music

I’ve been wanting to find a source of contemporary Indian music for a while. It’s one of the styles of music I find most enjoyable for background music.

Today I realized that Pandora has a "Contemporary Bollywood" station in their "World" music section.

I’m checking it out to see if it will work for me as background music for when I’m coding / researching.

It may have too much interesting stuff going musically on to really work as coding/reading music, I’ll have to see. So far a kind of electronic / trance music like what Andy Hunter does has been the best kind of music for me to actually get work done to.

However, I really like Indian music, so I’m happy at least to have found a source for when I’m not trying to work, even if it turns out to work only as general background music but not work background.


I’m going to have to take some time to review JQuery if I’m going to continue to write stuff in JavaScript / Node.js. It’s been long enough since I did anything with JQuery that all I really remember is that $ does something. It’s a mark of how long ago that was, that at the time Prototype was the incumbent js library, and JQuery was the new young upstart.


Mongodb looks pretty interesting. I especially like their web shell tutorial for trying it out. I’m going to have to give it a chance. I’m not sure where it stands in the continuum of CoucheDB and Redis. I’ll have to take some time to see how it compares to those. I think it’s supposed to be pretty fast, but not as distributed out of the box as CouchDB

GIT Submodule Foreach command

This lets you do the same command on each git submodule under a directory (I think).


git submodule foreach git pull

will update all the relevant submodules

CSS Handling Libraries

  • Less
  • Sass
  • Stylus

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