Vimacs Naming

I think I’ve decided to go with the standard names that Vimacs expects of either vm or vimacs. Since there are multiple computers that I work on, I think the convenience of not having to modify the scripts when I install in a new location, outweighs the slight dislike for the expected names.


I’ve playing around with trying to get a short way to instantiate a dtach session for commands that I run over ssh from my phone. That way if my phone connection quits mid way through the process, I can still get back to what I was doing when I reconnect.

I would usually just se screen for this but my Blackberry seems to have some wierd interactions with Screen which causes odd display issues. Dtach seems to do less to the display which seems to cause less problems.

So my current command is a script called d with the following contents:

dtach -c $1 $*

This lets me call a command as

d vim filename.txt

and it will put that into a session called vim in that directory.

The only place where it has trouble is when I try to run a script in the same directory where the script file is located, in that case the dtach session name conflicts with the script name. I think I can probably fix that by adding a prefix or suffix to the dtach session name.

Update: Yes, that worked.

So now the script d is:

dtach -c $1.dtach $#


I continue to be fascinated with the idea of a version of Awk written in Javascript. My latest thought is to try to write a program in Awk that can take an Awk program and output an equivalent JavaScript program. Once that can be done in general, then the hope is that the program can be run on itself, producing the equivalent compiler in JavaScript.

[NOTE: this became my project called hawk for "Higher Order Awk"]


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