Perl Re-implementation

I’ve just finished re-implementing the blog rendering engine in Perl. It’s partly an experiment, and partly because I’m interested in Perl these days as kind of a workhorse language.

The Perl site generation actually takes longer than the Node.js version did when running, but I’m pretty sure that’s because for the moment I’m just spawning a separate process for each entry to convert the entry’s markdown to HTML. I believe that was all in process in the Node.js version.

I will probably try to move that into the main Perl process when I get tired of the 1 or 2 second running time that the Perl process takes.

Perl Table of Contents

I also want to try re-implementing the bash script that I use to generate the archive listing in Perl. I’m curious how much more verbose it will be in Perl. Interestingly, Perl is the only language I’ve even been willing to consider re-implementing it with, since every other language I’ve played with, would have been so much more verbose for the same functionality that I just couldn’t bring myself to attempt it.


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