Google Chrome on Fedora

Given my recent frustration with Firefox, I wanted to install another web browser.

It doesn’t appear that either Google Chrome or chromium are available in the standard Fedora repository. You can add a repository to get Chromium or Chrome.

However, it turns out that Google chrome will download directly from the Chrome website as an rpm package that you can install directly. That was nice and easy.

I don’t know how that effects tools like yum. Maybe I’ll see if it looks like yum is now aware of Chrome.

Perl unshift Operator

I had forgotten about Perl’s unshift operator. It allows you to put something at the beginning of an array (instead of at the end with push).

As a result, using unshift instead of push, I was able to get rid of the reverse operation that I needed to get the table of contents into the proper order before printing it out.


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