C++ BigInteger library

I’ve been using the ttmath library for solving Project Euler problems in C++ fairly successfully.

This is not strictly speaking (I believe) an arbitrary precision arithmetic library, since you have to state the size of the data types at compile time, but it does allow you to specify and arbitrary size for the data type when you specify them, so as long as I choose a large enough basis for the "Int/UInt" type, it works fine.

So far it seems fast enough, and has been easier to work with than trying to use the GMP library

Today I Learned: Pasting in Vim

If you are in insert mode in Vim, you can paste from the system clipboard by typing Ctrl-R * .

Back To Perl (For Web Site)

So after coding site generators and minimal web servers in various languages, I’m back to using Perl for this website, at least for the moment.

I like Perl, and I think it’s a pretty good match for what I want to do here.

I would like to actually code my own minimal webserver in Perl at some point (right now I’m just plugging a PSGI app into Starman.

I have considered doing another recode in Go, and may still do that at some point.


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