I’ve been looking at Erlang again this last week because I’ve liked Erlang since I first saw it, but I’ve never really gotten to the point where I knew enough to actually write stuff with it. I think I’ve let myself be lured to Haskell by the promise of more powerful types each time I looked at Erlang, but these days I think I might prefer the simplicity of Erlang.

I was also happy to find out that Erlang comes with what looks like a pretty robust way to package applications so they can be installed an run by a user without forcing them to install a complete Erlang system. That’s pretty awesome.

Current Languages

Here are the languages that I’m spending most of my time studying right now:

  • Erlang – personal enjoyment
  • Java – taking an algorithms course that uses it as the implementation language
  • C# – work

I’d like to put some more time into Go and Lua at some point, and my friend is learning Python, so I’d like to be continuing to play with that also. In addition, I’ve found myself thinking about data types in C a lot recently.

Python SimpleHTTPServer

I’ve complained in the past about Python’s SimpleHTTPServer having slow performance.

I think now that it just takes it a few seconds to update when I push a new version of a file that it is serving. Once that time has past, requests seem to be fine, it’s only if I try to hit it immediately after an update that I see slowness.

So it may be fine if I just give it a chance to update.


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