arbitrary editor

i’m experimenting with changing the scripts for this blog generator to use whatever editor is set in the $editor variable.

that way i can switch between vim and emacs depending on my mood 🙂

wanting to create: go binding to tk toolkit

i’ve looked around a couple of times for someone having done this. so far i haven’t found anyone. so i’m beginning to think about trying to do it myself.

i don’t really know where to start, but i’d probably try to take a look at what python did with tkinter.

i don’t know how relevant tk still is with the movement toward mobile, and proprietary gui technologies by apple and microsoft. javascript/html/css seems to be the only really cross-platform technology supported these days, which go has pretty decent support for with it’s included http package.

however, i still like tk, and it might be useful for times that a desktop app is still possible. i suppose i could also look at whether there are cross platform bindings to qt, wxwidgest or gtk from go. i haven’t really liked the look of gtk, but it might have reasonable cross platform support because of the mono guys at this point.

browser caching

i’m trying figure out chrome’s behavior as far as caching with respect to this site. this is a test post.

this is mostly to try to figure out whether the caching is happening in chrome or in the go server.

added meta-tag to hopefully disable caching.

testing meta-tag now. see if firefox works with new tag.

added new expires tag. adding max-age tag. removing expires tag. testing1 testing2 testing3 testing4 testing5 testing6 testing7


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