Personal Projects:

  • (hawk): An attempt to implement the pattern matching ideas of Awk using JavaScript as the host language.
  • Blog Engines: Site generators in various languages.
  • Forths: Forth interpreters in various languages.
  • Apps/Utilities: Small single purpose programs.

personal side projects i’ve played with:


  • my own text editor (source code lost)
  • blog engine (source code lost)
  • tcl to php macros for web generation (source code lost)


  • personal ajax library (pre-jquery)
  • forth interpreter in javascript
  • awk in javascript project


  • awk in javascript project
  • forth interpreter in awk

static site generator in various languages:

  • tcl
  • python
  • ruby
  • perl
  • php
  • go


i saw an interesting article today about the benefits of haskell.

i often sketch out algorithms in a pseudo-python notation. i’ve felt for a long time that haskell was the obvious complement to python as far as being a similar notation for functional style programs / algorithms, but i couldn’t really address what positive benefits i would gain from it. this article makes me much more interested in studying it at least to the point of being able to use it as a notation, if not for creating actual executable programs.


since i’ve got this blog running on wordpress i’ve been trying to do 1000 words a day of writing again. i’m kind of cheating in regard to this post, since it’s already the next day.

yesterday i spent more time adjusting the blog than writing. so i’m going to try to finish yesterday’s 1000 and then do another for today.

i’m stuck typing on my blackberry at the moment. we’re at a restaurant for breakfast and so i’m using my phone rather than my computer to type.

as much as i want to think that i should be able to be as productive writing with my phone as on a real computer, it’s not the case.

it seems obvious as i write this.

i think maybe i’ve found a solution in wordpress for my rambling ruminations.

i think maybe if i write my rambling posts but keep them private or in draft status, then i can use the wordpress copy post function to start a new post based on original, and then just trim it down to what is reasonable.

i’ve been struggling today to get video files off of jayne’s blackberry and onto the mac mini.

i just downloaded the blackberry desktop software. hopefully it will work.

it required a physical usb connection, but once that was taken care of, it did allow the video to be transfered.

thinking about writing on my phone vs using even a small laptop, the phone does allow me to take notes in situations where i just couldn’t realistically use a laptop, such when holding my 2 month old in my arms.

and i’ve failed at the 1000 words for the day, but i’m just going to go ahead and publish.


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