Writing Locally

I’ve been writing locally recently as I’ve been transferring old notebooks over to a digital format.

I would have thought that I would want to post stuff that I find in the notebooks on the blog, but what I’ve found is that a lot of the stuff that I write seems trite and uninteresting when I read it later.

This is something I’ve noticed before, the obvious implication is that a blog that is updated with current unfiltered thoughts is unlikely to be interesting. It may be that a blog would be better served purely as a repository for essays, than as a public journal of my life and thoughts.

Is it worth having both?

  • A section for essays
  • A section for daily thoughts

Is there value in daily thoughts that is worth having those published in addition to the essays that I put time and effort into?

Notebook Writing for Blog

One thing that is hard about just directly transferring notebook writing to the blog is that a lot of times I’m just jotting down my current thoughts about a topic in my notebook, and it’s only after I’ve gone on and returned to the topic a few times that my thoughts actually coalesce into a coherent whole. Just directly transferring the notes verbatim forces someone else to go through that whole process rather than getting the finished product.

Looking at the pieces one at a time is often annoying.

Getting the whole, is usually more satisfying.


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