We are not Careful

Hebrews 12:4

You have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin

Exodus 14:12

Is not this the word that
we did tell you in Egypt, say-
ing, Let us alone, that we may
serve the Egyptians, For it
had been better for us to serve
the Egyptians, than that we
should die in the wilderness.

Here is the contrast between the heart of the follower of God and the follower of the world. The follower of the world would rather serve sin than die. The follower of God, is willing to resist unto blood (dying) to avoid sinning.

The writer of Hebrews, comforts the reader with the thought that things had not yet gotten bad enough where they had to resist unto death, but that is ultimately the call if necessary.

However, our striving is not a turning against ourselves, but a standing in God, regardless of the outcome. The Hebrew children at the time of Daniel, when threatened with being burned alive if they did not worship another than God, responded,

"We are not careful to answer you in this matter"

They did not care if they were to live or die, their heart was to serve their God. We need to have the same carelessness in our love for God. It is only this radical acceptance of the love of God and careless response to that love that allows us to really overcome in our lives and see the victory of God in our lives over sin.

Server Ubuntu?

For the moment it looks like I will be using Ubuntu 8.10 as my distribution of choice for my test and stable servers. I don’t have a really good reason for choosing this over Debian 5.0, just a feeling at this point that maybe Ubuntu will be more up to date without a lot of work in Debian to point to testing or unstable. However, Debian would almost certainly be the more stable choice, so if I start to run into problems, I may have to revisit my selections.

C++ , Python

Languages of the moment: C++, Python

There are several ways that C++ and Python seem to be a well matched pair of languages to me:

  1. They seem similar enough in philosophy (Multi-paradigm, procedural, object-oriented) that algorithms and designs developed in one language would fairly easily transfer to the other.
  2. It seems reasonable possible (not necessarily easy) to call code from C++ in Python or Python in C++.
  3. C++ has the advantage of speed of execution, Python has the advantage of speed of development.

Books I’d like to (re)read


  • Hind’s Feet for High Places


  • Programming – Principles and Practice using C++
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  • The C Programming Language


Language of the moment: C++

Book of the moment: Programming – Principles and Practices using C++

Perfect Love casts out fear.

This is a promise from the book of I John.

The full verse is:

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out
fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth
is not made perfect in love.

- I John 4:18

If you are afraid, that is an indication that you are not taking hold of love in some way.

If you are afraid, what are you afraid of?

What are you allowing to come between you and an understanding of what true love is?

Help, I’m blogging and I can’t stop

I had forgotten what a distraction blogging can be if I’m in the right(wrong) mindset.

I can see this easily becoming quite the time sink.

This is especially ludicrous given that I am my only audience at this point.

2 B(logs) or not 2 B(logs)

Maybe it would make sense for me to have two blogs (or three, or four…).

I could have one related to technology topics, and one related to personal topics. Not sure whether I would like to keep them separate or not.

It’d be more work possibly to maintain two different blogs, but maybe less boring for someone that was only interested in one of the two topics.

Happy Day!

I found a backup of the Verde Text editor on one of my old laptops.

Since this text editor is the most full featured of the ones I have designed over the past few years, it was good to find a copy. I had thought that when I let my various websites and servers go down last year, that I had lost the source code. Even though I don’t use this editor on a regular basis anymore, it’s still good to have around. It’s still one of the most comfortable editors I’ve used. And it’s actually probably just as extensable as Emacs or Vim (though much less feature complete at this point).

It does have architectural limitations (compared to Emacs especially). Since I used a tabbed interface, and Tk Text widgets as the "buffers", there is a finite number of tabs that can be accommodated with the current interface.

Where to host blog?

Now that I have new server instances running, I am faced again with the question of whether to host my blog on my server, or to continue to use blogger. There are pros and cons to each.

My Server:

  • could use nanoblogger, which I think is a neat blog engine.
  • total control over look and feel.
  • easy integration into whatever other website stuff I want


  • Easy to log into from anywhere (work)
  • No more setup


I have just spun up two virtual private servers at .

So far, I have to say I am incredibly impressed with their service and setup.

It’s so much easier dealing with a virtual server than a dedicated server, especially when it comes to testing things out. Whereas I had to be conservative when working with a real server, with these new virtual instances, I can try things out easily. For example, over the past three days I have played with the following Linux distributions:

  • CentOS
  • Debian 5.0
  • Ubuntu 8.4 LTS
  • Ubuntu 8.10

It takes about 10 minutes or less to switch out the base distribution. Of course after that is the apt-get/rpm dance to get all the packages you want.

Once I settle on a distribution, I plan to keep one instance as the stable server, and use the other as a test environment.


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