How to Help

People have real hearts and real struggles and real pain, beyond the ability of my trite answers to help.

Only God has the power to really answer people’s needs.

I need to learn how to point people to God for their answers, or learn how to go to God on their behalf to get answers that can really help them. And I need to learn how to go to God, to help others break through to God so that they can get the help they need.

I can say all the things that have helped me, but outside of people taking hold of God themselves, my answers are really useless.

Dallas Guitar Show

Getting ready to go to the Dallas Guitar show.

Will I escape unscathed?

Things that could cause me to come back with much less money:

  • Ovation 12 string (If I see one, I will probably get it)
  • Gretsch hollow body (I’m a sucker for these, even though I think my Strat sounds better and plays better.)

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