Moving Day Really

Today is really when the moving day seems to have been for real. Five guys helped me move all the major furniture this morning. Now it’s mostly a process of picking up little things, and then cleaning.

The cat hid for several hours. I was beginning to be afraid that she had run off or gotten hurt in the chaos. I didn’t see where she could still be hiding after we had moved most of the stuff. But she finally came out.

I’m not sure what to do about getting her and the interloper cat, into the new place. She shouldn’t be a problem but I don’t entirely know how to tell the black cat that we’ve moved. Maybe it will follow me again. If not, maybe I will just pick it up and drive or carry it to the new place.


I’ve been thinking about node.js since last night. I think I can probably use it to generate the site, as well as serve it. I still need to identify a good Markdown library for JavaScript.

I’m not sure it will be as concise as using php. But it shouldn’t be too bad, and it will have the nice effect of getting me to work with a language that I like and an interesting framework. It will also mean that I am sing the same language for both the generation and the display of the content.


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