Node Powered Blog

This is the first post on this blog that is now being generated via node.js. I’m pretty happy that I’ve accomplished that, although it did take me probably 10 hours of research and trying things to achieve basically the equivalent of what I accomplished fairly easily with PHP.

I think now, I could probably put a new system together with Node.js roughly as quickly as I could with PHP. So, probably at this point they are equivalent in terms of ease of deployment.

I’m glad I have this working, but if I’d known it would be this much effort, I’m not sure I would have gone through with this.

Things I Learned About Node.js / JavaScript

  • fs.readFileSync() returns it’s items without any default order that I can detect.
  • Mustache.js (templating system) doesn’t have any way to enforce ordering in collections, that I can tell.
  • The Array object has a sort() method.
  • The Array object has a reverse() method.

Moving Finished

We are finally out of the house. It’s good to be out of the old house and into the new house. I’ve been fairly drained from all the moving this weekend. But I’m so thankful for all the help I’ve had from my friends. There is no way we could have made it without all the help we had.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us this weekend.

Powered By …

Here are the various pieces that currently make up this blog system.

  • Node.js – the javascript engine / framework that runs the static site generation, and also the webserver that serves the content.
  • http-server – the web server written in node.js that actually serves the pages.
  • Marked – an implementation of the Markdown html transformer for node.
  • Mustache.js – an implementation of the Mustache templating system in JavaScript.
  • Make to control the build process.
  • w3m for previews before deployment.
  • Vim for entering the posts.
  • scp to deploy to the live server.

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