New Blog

I have a new blog up now at http://www.connorberry.com. For the moment at least, new posts will be there rather than here. Maybe eventually there will be an RSS feed or something from that location.

Perhaps I will post here when there is noteworthy content at the other location.

Things I’m Working On

  • Getting a viable archive listing for posts.

Things I’m thinking about

  • Creating a packaging utility for Node.js applications.

Ideally this would allow you to deploy a particular script / set of scripts with a minimal node installation all packaged as an executable.

  • Getting this blog to publish to github pages.

More just to see if I can get it to work, than because there’s any real need at this point. I still like the idea of it being hosted on my own server, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to also have a copy on a public repository.

Things to Look at:

Node based http proxy server. This should be useful if I want to run multiple node app servers behind one public endpoint.

Node handler for Mongrel2 webserver. Lets you front node apps with Mongrel2 (I think).

Things I’d Like to Look at / Do:

  • Creating applications for KDE with Qt.
  • Creating cross-platform applications with Qt.
  • Create an updated Awk that is embeddable / extendable and has better support for large scale scripting

Today I Learned – tac and rev

I learned about 2 unix shell commands today.

The command "tac" will output a file in line by line reverse order.

The command "rev" will reverse a string each line of a file character by character.

I can see real uses for tac – in fact I am using it to generate the archive listing for this blog. I’m not aware of a real use for rev at this point, unless you wanted to test for palindromes using bash Project Euler #4.

Initial Upload of Forth4Awk

I’ve put an initial upload of Forth4Awk up on github here.

I still need to do some work to figure out branching. I’m thinking about basically using a quotation mechanism to create code branches. This would push it more in the direction of Factor than real Forth. But this implementation already allows a little more flexibility in data types than normal Forth, so I’m kind of ok with that possibility.

Moving Last Load

We moved the last load of our shed tonight. So we are officially all moved ot of the old house now.

I’m waiting on the steps of the old house in hope that the black cat will reappear. He was here earlier but has not remained as we had hoped. I’m hoping if he comes back that I can lead him to the new house.


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