Languages I’m Concentrating On

I’ve kind of decided that this year I’m going to concentrate on languages with a C derived syntax. So for the moment that means I’m focusing on the following languages…

  • C
  • C++
  • Awk
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

I’m haven’t decided if Java, C# or Perl fit the class of C derived syntax.

Node . Async File Reads

I figured out how to change my basic hello world blog server to read the blog file in a non-blocking fashion.

Basically instead of calling response.end with the file as an argument, you call file read, with a callback function that sends the data to response.end.

So it’s

fs.readFile('<filename>', '<encoding>', function (err, data) {

instead of

response.end(fs.readFileSync('<filename>', '<encoding>'));

It doesn’t matter because I’m using the http-server package which I assume already does that non-blocking, but I will check the code now that I’m thinking about it.


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