Sinatra Web Framework – Awk For The Web

I’ve been looking at the Sinatra web framework for Ruby over thw weekend.

I started looking at it because I realized that I wanted something like Awk that matched http requests. I think that my Awk like JavaScript project could get there. But then I realized that what I was after was pretty close to what Sinatra already provides.

After looking st Sinatra over the weekend I still think it might be valuable for me to keep working on my project which I believe for at least my purposes may still be closer to my desires. Whether I will achieve anything that will be more viable for anyone else is hard to say.

The only thing that can keep me going is a sort of ridiculous attraction to Awk and the desire to see essentially a better more usable version that can be used in more places. That’s the kind of thing that can actually cause me to see a project through to the point that it might be useful.


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