Best Languages For Application Domains?

This is just a list of languages that seem like they are useful to domain areas that I have interests in:

  • Fortran (numerical modeling)
  • Lisp (symbolic computing)
  • C (hardware control / systems programming)
  • Awk / Perl (text processing)
  • Node.js (concurrency / web / network programming)
  • Erlang (concurrency / distributed / network programming)
  • Clojure (concurrency / symbolic programming)

Application Domains

Different Areas Of Computing:

  • Numerical Programming
  • Network Programming
  • Hardware Interfacing and Control
  • Symbolic Programming
  • Logic Programming

Languages That Change The Way You Think

  • Forth
  • Logo
  • Scheme
  • SmallTalk
  • Erlang
  • Ruby
  • Tcl

Game Engines To Lookup Later

  • Unity
  • Unreal

Graphics In JavaScript

  • Processing.js
  • ContextFree.js ?

Turtle Graphics In JavaScript

I’ve been looking at a book on Logo today. It’s been years since I did any Logo programming (I think it might have been my first experience with a programming language).

I think it would be cool if there was a version of it which could either produce images for the browser, or compile to JavaScript which could draw to a Canvas element.

I think I’m going to continue to investigate this idea.


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