python again?

i’ve been talking to a friend about using python instead of ruby for web dev / general development.

i know python a lot better than i know ruby. i’ll just have to deal with the frustration i’ve had over the python 2 vs 3 split.

i’m thinking about rewriting the utilities i’ve got running in ruby / sinatra in python using either bottle or cherrypy. i think they’d be a fairly straight translation from sinatra to bottle, but i’m actually more familiar with cherrypy since i’ve written stuff using it a few times in the past.

r language?

i’m also considering trying to learn r.

currently i’m wondering if knowing r and prolog would let me investigate both logical and statistical methods of ai / machine learning.

other utilities that seem worth developing a capability in are graphviz and gnuplot.

bottle on cherrypy

i think what i will probably do for the sinatra to python translations is translate them to the bottle framework and then run that on the cherrypy wsgi server.


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