considering wordpress

i’ve been considering moving to using wordpress as my blog platform.

there are some things i would like to do as far as the website functionality that i just don’t see myself adding to my static site generator.

i want

  • a section for permanent essays.
  • links to my other blog attempts
  • rss / atom feed would be nice.
  • comment system
  • links to project download area(s)
  • posting via email would be nice.
  • data export capability.

wordpress alternatives

i’ve been looking at the alternatives to wordpress.com today. in the realm of hosted blogging platforms there are the following:

  • blogspot (blogger)
  • posterous
  • tumblr
  • wordpress.com

as far as self hosted possibilities:

  • drupal
  • jekyll / octopress
  • wordpress
  • stacyapp

probably self-hosted wordpress gives me the most options as far as the capabilities i want, but i don’t want to deal with the hassle of running my own wordpress install right now.

i’m trying to figure out if wordpress.com is a reasonable place to start with the idea of moving to self hosted wordpress when i want to, or whether the limitations of the wordpress.com platform will make me more frustrated than i want to deal with.


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